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About Us

About AdvisorTrust

AdvisorTrust, Inc. is an independent trust company focused exclusively on providing trust services to the clients of financial advisors and independent recordkeepers.

It's About Time

At AdvisorTrust, it is our belief that a trust company offering investment management services, proprietary investments or brokerage products has an inherent conflict of interest. At AdvisorTrust, we offer no investment management services and have no such conflict.

Our Mission is to:
  • Offer non-biased trust and custody services in support of registered investment advisors and other independent investment fiduciaries

  • Offer an open investment platform with no proprietary products, no funds to push and no hidden agenda

  • Leverage technology to enhance our services rather than simply to reduce costs.

  • Always see and value our services through our clients’ eyes.

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212 South Main Avenue, Suite 123, Sioux Falls, SD 57104